How to buy $OBANZE



1. Wallet Selection Install and setup a Ton wallet, such as TonKeeper or MyTonwallet

2. Wallet Funding Transfer TON to your wallet to cover transaction fees and purchase tokens.

3. Adding a Token
- Open your wallet and find the "Add Token" section.
- Enter the token contract address for OBANZE: EQB8vMHn6fFsK5wqAmObP3uzeExFNQzhNLF6kH4ZHKtlz__o
- Click add, and the OBANZE token will appear in your list of coins ✅

4. Choosing a DEX : Go to a popular TON DEX, such as Ston.Fi or DeDust.

5. Connecting Your Wallet Connect your wallet to the chosen DEX, usually done through a "Connect wallet" button.

6. Purchasing a Token
- Enter the contract address in the search: EQB8vMHn6fFsK5wqAmObP3uzeExFNQzhNLF6kH4ZHKtlz__o

- Enter the amount of TON you wish to exchange, and confirm the transaction.

7. Confirmation and Completion ✅: Check the transaction details and confirm your purchase. The transaction will be processed, and the tokens will appear in your wallet.