OBANZE Coin Tokenomics

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 OBANZE Coins

1.Airdrop (10%)

Total Allocation: 100,000,000 OBANZE Coins

  • Purpose: To engage and expand the community by distributing tokens through airdrops. These are often used to reward early adopters and active community members, encouraging wider participation and ownership.

2.Liquidity Pool (51%)

Total Allocation: 510,000,000 OBANZE Coins

  • Purpose: To ensure deep liquidity on decentralized exchanges, supporting efficient and stable trading. A large liquidity pool helps maintain price stability and ensures that the market can absorb large orders without significant price impact.

3.Pre-Sale (15%)

Total Allocation: 150,000,000 OBANZE Coins

  • Purpose: To raise initial funds for project development and operations. Selling these tokens before the public launch often at a discount incentivizes early investment and helps bootstrap the project financially.

4.Team (14%)

Total Allocation: 140,000,000 OBANZE Coins

  • Purpose: Allocated to the project's founders, team members, and advisors. This allocation usually comes with a vesting period that releases tokens gradually to ensure long-term commitment and alignment with the project's success.

5.Marketing and Development (10%)

Total Allocation: 100,000,000 OBANZE Coins

  • Purpose: To fund ongoing marketing efforts, community management, partnership development, and technological advancement. These funds are crucial for scaling the project, securing its market position, and enhancing the ecosystem.


The tokenomics structure of OBANZE Coin is designed to support the project's growth phases from initial community building to ensuring liquidity and funding ongoing development. By balancing between incentivizing various stakeholders, OBANZE aims to foster a robust and vibrant ecosystem on the TON blockchain.