May 2024

Community Development: Launch aggressive marketing campaigns on social media and in crypto communities to increase awareness and expand our community base.

June 2024

First Airdrop: Conduct an airdrop to random crypto wallets to increase token distribution and raise awareness across the broader crypto community.

Presale: Initiate a presale phase allowing early participants to invest and receive tokens at a discounted rate.

DEX Listing: List OBANZE on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as Ston.Fi or DeDust.

August 2024

NFT Airdrop: Launch an exclusive series of NFTs related to OBANZE themes and airdrop them to token holders to stimulate interaction and reward community loyalty.

Staking APP

Community Engagement Improvement: Implement community-driven events and conduct AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions) to increase activity and gather feedback for further improvements.

Q1 2025

NFT Holder Airdrop: Reward NFT holders with an additional airdrop to maintain interest and encourage retention of both tokens and NFTs.

Community Improvement Initiatives: Launch initiatives based on community feedback, such as governance features, additional token utility, or enhanced security measures.

Q2 2025

CEX Listing: Work towards getting OBANZE listed on major centralized exchanges (CEX) to increase liquidity and open up more traditional investment avenues.

Token Functionality Expansion: Develop and integrate new features or partnerships that enhance the utility of OBANZE, such as staking rewards, further NFT integrations, or collaborations with other crypto projects.